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About Val

I credit my father with inspiring my love for animals and my mother for my nurturing approach to all living things.  Together, they indulged my constant desires for the company of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, caged birds, ducks and chickens, fresh and saltwater fish and turtles. My passion has only grown with a commitment toward providing excellent care and protection for hundreds of clients’ pets on the Seacoast, as well as my own Dachshunds and cats. I feel a particular tenderness toward senior pets and those with special needs.

Of course, being a professional pet sitter requires more than just a love of animals!  It also demands maturity, a strong work ethic, knowledge of pet behavior and needs, and preparedness for emergency situations.  My clients entrust not only their pets but also their homes and I take this very seriously.  My mission is to be 100% dependable, to care for your pets as well as I do my own, and to give you peace of mind that your pets as well as your home are safe and secure.


I am the sole owner and operator of Great Bay Pet Sitting Service.  I am insured and bonded, certified in pet first aid and CPR, a member of Pet Sitters International and Pet Sitter Associates.  References and a criminal background check will be provided at our first meeting.

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