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Why Great Bay Pet Sitting Service is the Best Chioce

for you and Your Pets

-I Strive to be 100% reliable because I know both you and your pets are depending on me. I greatly value their trust, as well as yours.

-I do not hire independent contractors. I am the only person who you will be in touch with and I will personally care for your pets.

-Pets are always happier and healthier in their own home environment following their familiar routines, and I will make sure all their needs are met by walking, feeding, giving meds, loving, and specifically following any other instructions you provide.


-I am prepared to recognize and respond to medical emergencies. I will transport your pet(s) to your Vet or the closest Emergency Animal Hospital.

-Relatives, friends or neighbors will not be inconvenienced by the responsibility of caring for your pet(s), nor can they provide the same level of professional service and knowledge that I do.

-I will communicate with you via phone, text or email and you are always welcome to contact me 7 days a week, including evenings, just to check on your pet(s). I personally know how hard it is to leave them when you can't take them with you.

-I will provide emergency visits when you cannot make it home in time, your flight is delayed or your pet requires an extra visit due to a medical issue.

-Your home will be in the same condition as you left it, and I will make security checks during visits, giving your home that lived-in look.

-I provide pet taxi service or pick-up supplies when needed. I can accompany you to your Vet if you require help or just want some support.

-I will leave journal entries describing my visits, your pet's behavior, food and water intake, eliminations and any humorous antics that your animals so often provide me.

-Your information is private and your keys, codes,and other personal info will be kept safe.

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