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What We Offer

Services will begin with a free meet and greet at your home to personalize the care we will give your pets.


Each visit will include:

30-minutes of TLC for your pet(s).

Walking and Exercise

Food and water bowls cleaned.

Fresh food, water and treats.

Light Grooming.

Clean litter box.

clean-up of pet messes.

Administration of vitamins and medications.

Mail, packages, and newspapers brought inside.

Shades, lights, thermostat and air conditioning adjusted.

Home security check.

Indoor plants watered.

Trash brought to curb on designated day.

Daily journal to document pet's activities, behavior and health


Pricing depends on your needs, but base pricing for most clients is as follows

Initial Meet & Greet:  No charge

One Pet = $18.00-20.00 per visit, depending on location

Each additional Dog = $2.00/visit

Each additional Cat = $1.00/visit

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